Retry handling with Swagger API Client and Failsafe using Java 1.7

My customer uses a generated Swagger API Client to use a REST Server from a monolithic application. Unfortunatly the monolith is stuck on Java 1.7.

I did find the FailSafe Framework which would do exactly what we needed. With the exception being that every example code was using lambdas 😀 So I had to work my way back to use the Java 1.7 syntax.

Before we used FailSafe we had the following call to access the webservice:

final MyResponse response = new SwaggerClientApi().getEntries(owner, null, key, profile);

I start by adding the following dependencies in the pom.xml:


Next we need to define the Retry Policy to do up to 3 retries with a 500ms pause time when an Exception with the Message „Socket reset“ is thrown.

private static final RetryPolicy retryPolicy = new RetryPolicy()
    .retryOn(new Predicate<Throwable>() {
        public boolean test(Throwable throwable) {
            if (throwable.getMessage().contains("Connection reset")) {
                LOGGER.warn("There was a connection reset error while communication with the userprofile service. Starting a retry.");
                return true;
            return false;
    .withDelay(500, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);

After that we wrap the Swagger Client API Call in a Callable<MyResponse> and then start it with FailSafe.

final Callable<MyResponse> callable = new Callable<MyResponse>() {
    public MyResponse call() throws Exception {
        return new SwaggerClientApi().getEntries(owner, null, key, profile);

final MyResponse response = Failsafe.with(retryPolicy).get(callable);

And that`s it!

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